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Diesel tapped Y/Project’s designer, Glenn Martens for the second installment of its Diesel Red Tag Project, launched last season in Paris via a collaboration with Hood by Air’s Shayne Oliver. The denim label’s image needed a boost; competition is fierce in the street style arena today. Only the Brave founder Renzo Rosso decided it was time to steer the company in a new direction, bringing its attitude back. “Diesel had to refresh its image; it had become a bit old,” he explained during a preview. “It needed an injection of energy.”

He didn’t have to look too far to find a youth elixir to rejuvenate the label’s dormant spirit Diesel’s DNA has been rebellious and unconventional from the start. So Rosso came up with a new slogan, “Go with the flaw,” around which he had Diesel’s creative team work on a new project, “an incubative platform” as he called it, with a rotating roster of diverse designers experimenting with capsule collections on the label’s fundamentals.