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Debuting with Shayne Oliver, Diesel announces the launch of the Red Tag Project, a platform conceived to host influential and globally coveted designers tasked with creating capsule collections that will be distributed exclusively by selected retailers worldwide. Each designer involved will merge their aesthetic and creative sensibility interpreting Diesel’s signatures: denim and sportswear. The results will be clothing and accessories that are ironic, bold, and brave at the same time.

The first chapter of the Red Tag Project sees Shayne Oliver, formerly of the groundbreaking New York City-based label Hood By Air, and recently off of a residency at Helmut Lang.
Oliver Shayne’s capsule consists of a variety of looks lineup, including cropped and squared-off jackets along with a variety of unconventional and unorthodox denim pant cuts. Looking forward to see how this idea is going to evolve, anyway it begins well !