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Paco Rabanne

Famously recognized as Paco Rabanne, Franciso Rabaneda Cuervo is a Spanish couture designer who was born on 18th February 1934 to enlighten the fashion world.

Julien Dossena, the 36-year-old creative director of Paco Rabanne, is spread out on his bed playing Tomb Raider, seemingly indifferent to the photographer Nigel Shafran’s entreaties. But it’s not that he’s rude, or shy. He is just really into his PlayStation. There’s a console in his bedroom, and another in the living room. “I’m not an addict,” he says pointedly a little later, stubbing out his 10th cigarette of the afternoon. “I played when I was a teenager, and I still do, because it’s better than Xanax. You’re living another life in a second. Your brain goes somewhere else.” When Dossena and his team take a break from the shoot, they spread out in the living room, dolled up in nightclub-ready Paco Rabanne. The suite of low-to-the-ground black leather Togo chairs and couches by Michel Ducaroy make for a chic flophouse atmosphere. The cigarette smoke is thick, with packs strewn on the Gaetano Pesce side tables fighting for space with bars of Valrhona chocolate. “Oh, so we’re having a party?” Shafran asks, popping in.