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AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

With his brand, Ami, the young boy who loves dance has become a great man in men's fashion. But now, good news, it also dresses women ! Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI label was borne out of a desire to make clothes that better reflected his reality. After Doing is own experience for Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and Dior. The result is an ideal menswear wardrobe in the making, striking a balance between everyday essentials and streetwise elegance.

Alexandre Mattiussi, it's this friend who wants you well. In ten years, this very sympathetic designer has succeeded in making his brand a benchmark in the men's wardrobe. Today, he is launching what we could call a department: L'Homme pour la Femme, pretty semantics to designate a series of barely transformed clothes for his friends. The women. And friends, he has many, such Leïla Bekhti who, for one session, plays the ambassador of her new universe for our magazine. Through this game of mirrors where one is the other and vice versa, Alexandre resumes the beginning of his adventure, one of the most charming stories in fashion.