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Ylang Ravel

Ylang was born on the hill of Saint-Cloud overlooking the City of Light. Born to a French mother working in the fashion industry and a father of Malagasy origin, a furniture designer, he grew up between the Caribbean, Paris and Saint Rémy de Provence. Ylang then successfully studied at the academy of arts and crafts in Paris, where he spent four years working in prestigious Parisian jewelry houses founded in the 19th century, where he refined his training and acquired technique, rigor and precision.

This unique expertise will allow him to formalize the complexity of his universe, where he will capture the precise work of master craftsmen with a real desire to succeed.

His creations are based on his mestizo culture, from the Alpilles massif he will take with him the spectacle of sedimentary rocks, the fragrance of pines, coral reefs and mangroves of the Caribbean sealing definitively his inspiration.

Ylang opened his own studio in 2019 in Paris, in a discreet courtyard in the Marais.

He now divides his time between his Provence workshop at the foot of the Luberon and his Parisian showroom on Rue Beaubourg. Signed with a native and refined design, Ylang Ravel is committed, in each unique hand-carved piece, to leave a timeless testimony.

This alchemy, raw, avant-garde is mixed with singular gemstones selected during his travels in Jaipur (India), Bangkok (Thailand) and Madagascar with a focus on quality, ethics and traceability.

The deliberate exploration of contrasts coupled with the techniques of traditional jewelry is a staging between the non-conformism of the material worked, and the singularity of the choice of fine stones. The volume, shape and colors of the stones give the identity of his collections.

The traceability of precious metals is a very important point for Ylang Ravel.

All the pieces are designed and made in France (except for platinum) and are made from recycled precious metals (champagne seals, chandeliers, cutlery and antique jewelry).

A particularity that gives depth and an additional history to his creations.

In the age of immediacy, the House is above all part of a slow fashion approach, thus going against the current exploitation and fast fashion trends.

Ylang Ravel's pieces are made on demand, out of respect for the materials that nature offers us, and thus dress those who really want it.