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AMEN Candles

AMEN is a story about how beings find light within everyday in their own way. The Paris based Maison, established in 2020 by the Uruguay-born Rodrigo Garcia, is a first-in-kind sustainable high-end design candle brand handmade in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. AMEN’s products are entirely sustainable, from the natural vegetal wax -entirely free of toxic paraffin-from which they’re made, to the reusable porcelain jar in which they are poured, and the innovative, plastic-free, mushrooms carbon negative packaging in which they arrive, gained the immediate recognition as The New Sustainable Candle Brand.

Handcrafted in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, AMEN Candles worked with guidance from Yoga Meccas and Gurus from around the world to present seven fragrances to help align our seven chakras, allowing for a balanced mind, body and soul.